Sunday, February 9, 2020

Clearing the confusion for Maitreya/Lelutka/Glam Affair users!


As of version 1.2 the face blenders in your head folders go all the way down the neck as before. The tones at the bottom of this blog are still valid, Remember, you can do this with any brand body skin that is similar in tone. The Lelutka head skins are not Glam Affair, they're made by Lelutka. I'm going to leave up this information in case people have not updated or are wondering what the differences are. 


Bakes on mesh has been out for a little while now, and Maitreya has updated to V5, (woot!) Has some cute new things (love those nipple options!) and sloughed off the onion skin and kept the alpha cuts.

Maitreya shoulders have always driven me a little bonkers. but this isn't about that. Today's post is an attempt to clear up some real confusion for long time Maitreya wearers who have gotten accustomed to the fact that they have a wide range of default and good looking skins to choose from, and are venturing into the Lelutka Evolution heads and discovering something quite unnerving.

They no longer seamlessly match!

            Well, that's not quite true dear user.

Glam Affair recently came out with 12 new skins, in numbered tones. Maitreya has updated and now includes all 22 skins, past and present and with tattoo layers. Now, the thing about the skins that come with Maitreya, their tones don't go all the way into the head. It stops in the upper body. Right at the base of the neck. And the new Lelutka Evolution heads have blender tattoos for the faces, which fade just under the jaw line. So if you have a tone similar to it, you'll be able to mostly hide it until your favorite skins either update or you find something new.

Maitreya HUD skins have always been this way. We just never noticed because mesh heads have the neck, and use that to -meet- the part of the mesh body. So the skins that come with Maitreya don't have heads. And you get something like this:

The horror! Such seam, much wow!
Not what we want!

This is the result of the base skin (very base system layer which looks like a little man doing a cartwheel, or jumping jack) not matching the tattoo layers. Now, if I had a tone similar to this, you probably wouldn't be able to see much of a difference. This is what I'm currently wearing for Glam Affair:

My base skin is one from Enfer Sombre that I like to wear, and the way she does her skins, the face is the base, and the body is the tattoo layers, so there's a pretty seamless match there as you can see in some of my other posts. But this post isn't intended to show you that. You just need to see the result.

So, how do I fix this? You ask, Easy!

Glam Affair has at their store, the full base skin version for varying body types (For just 279L!), You just need to choose the one in your tone. Now, the sample tones that come with the evolution heads are a little different. And they work like this:

Lelutka Tone 01 Glam Affair tone 06
Lelutka Tone 02 Glam Affair tone 07
Lelutka Tone 03 Glam Affair tone 08
Lelutka Tone 04 Glam Affair tone 11
They won't all work this way. This is just the blender head tones that come in the Evolution folders. If you're not sure what the base skins look like, they look like this:

Wearing Glam affair base body skin with Lelutka Face Nova 001, will give you this lovely seamless look:

(I'm actually wearing Erin mesh head here!)

Now, isn't this much nicer? I think so! I hope I helped out a little with this demonstration today. Maybe this will clear up some of the confusion I've been seeing more often lately now that Maitreya has at long last updated their body.

Be beautiful, experiment wildly and without fear. 
And always remember, Make a copy!
Much love, Lumi 

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